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City life can be suffocating and after working hard this year I was ready for an adventure. My boyfriend Daniel convinced me to go out of my comfort zone for a week long trip on Tenerife Island (the largest of the seven Canary Islands in Spain). 

I must admit that I was initially hesitant when he first suggested that we rent a campervan instead of staying at a hotel. However, I’m glad I decided to throw caution to the wind because our Tenerife adventure was definitely an unforgettable one.

I had the false impression that the campervan would be an eyesore, but I was pleasantly surprised by how cool the VW T3 actually looked! It made me feel like we were in a Wes Anderson movie. The VW T3 was like the third character in our road trip movie — full of personality.

I usually associate being out in nature with being dirty. Being able to shower in the campervan was a game changer! I’d never felt so clean in the middle of nowhere before.

As much as I wanted to disconnect from the world it was very useful that the campervan had an outlet to charge my phone so I could occasionally check in with my family.

Sleeping in the campervan was comfortable and safe. We had good weather throughout the trip and a blanket was sufficient.

It was so freeing to not have to worry about check-out times and schedules. Not only were we saving beaucoup bucks by renting the campervan and not staying at a hotel but we also had the freedom to explore the island at our own pace. 

I realized how regulated life in the city is. For good reason, I suppose. But to experience the liberation of driving to any spot we wanted to find the perfect view and spending the night there was life-changing. 

The campervan had an Italian coffee maker so not only were we able to get a good night’s sleep but I would wake up to the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee. Daniel is an early riser and would put the coffee on before going on a morning stroll while I slept in. Yes, I’m very lucky. 

Tenerife itself was incredibly beautiful! Here are the highlights of our favorite road trip routes around the island:

  1. Mount Teide. The presence of an active volcano is an energizing experience! We parked our campervan and decided to take a stroll up to enjoy the panoramic views at the summit. We got the chance to walk right up to the volcano’s edge and the sight of lava formations was rather surreal. 
  2. Las Montanas de Anaga. We started at a local cafe that served some great food. Indulged in real Iberico ham and crisp, refreshing wine to go with it. We decided to walk it off after with a short hike and was pleasantly surprised – the landscape was mind-blowing! The hike through the ancient forest was a little challenging but the views were completely worth it. 
  3. Masca. This valley was like a movie scene! Driving through the hilly terrains, we were in awe of the never-ending view of vertical cliffs. The road was a bit precarious but it was all part of the fun. Arriving at the quaint and small village was like entering a different world, it was so picturesque.

Overall, our trip to Tenerife was a memorable adventure. The comfort and freedom of the campervan experience can not be surpassed and I cannot recommend it more!


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Here’s why we know what we’re talking about.

Camping is a liberating thing. In this article are 27 things that will make camping in the Canary Islands, a trip of a lifetime. I am 54 years old and have lived in the Canary Islands my entire life. I travel often and have camped in over 30 different countries around the world. If that doesn’t convince you, I have spent the last 8 years running my business Vans and Sands, a camper van rental company here in the Canary Islands. 

These 27 tips are a must read and will improve your experience traveling throughout the Canary Islands. You will learn my secrets about where to camp, what to do, how to interact respectfully with locals, what laws to abide and most of all, how to maximize your camping trip for its full potential. 

I have broken these 27 facts into two sections. The first one is general tips that apply to all islands, including the culture and food. The second section will be tips specific for Tenerife and Fuerteventura. They are by far the most popular islands with the best camping experiences to be had. As well, the two islands that I have a fleet of 12 fully customized VW Bulli for daily and weekly rental.

Section 1: General Camping in the Canary Islands (Tips 1-19)

  1. Be prepared for no gas stations or snack places for miles during your road trip
  2. Fire on the coast is generally accepted. It is a very different thing in the forest. There are designated areas that you are allowed to make a fire or have a barbecue. Not following the regulation will occur in a heavy fine.
  3. Pack warm clothes and summer clothes. Be versatile, the weather in the mountains can be very different than near the ocean and beach.
  4. If it’s windy, park across the wind with the sliding door facing the wind direction.
  5. Don’t worry about hazardous animals or bugs. There are none.
  6. Make sure to have the appropriate numbers to call in case you run out of gas or need any help. The roads are not busy with cars, especially at night. 
  7. Know the nearest big towns on the island you are traveling.
  8. Look for your own private natural pool. If you adventure through the coastline its very probable you’ll find a salt water pool you can spend the day in.
  9. Be cautious of wildlife when driving at night. 
  10. Bring a camera! There is so much amazing terrain in a relatively small area. 
  11. Blanket to lay on the ground and watch the stars at night (they are very bright).
  12. Avoid McDonalds.
  13. Don’t stay more than 2 nights at the same place. There is simply too much to see!
  14. If you park close to the beach make sure your are not getting too deep in the sand. You’ll get stuck!
  15. If you want to spend the night in the mountains take extra blankets. It gets way colder than at sea level, especially during wintertime.
  16. Always have swimwear with you. More often than not you’ll stumble across an amazing spot to dip in the ocean.
  17. Take an umbrella. Sun is strong while camping near the ocean.
  18. Never leave trash behind. 
  19. Make sure you get your fuel tank full on Saturday, many petrol stations close on Sunday.

Section 2: Camping in Tenerife & Fuerteventura Tips (Tips 20-27)

  1. Get our secret camping spots guide (available after booking)
  2. Meet locals and learn about the island lifestyle.
  3. In Fuerteventura don’t feed the wild goats. Actually yes, feed them. Its good fun!
  4. Go surfing! Yes, this is something you are going to want to do.
  5. Explore the Volcano! *Volcan El Teide
  6. Visit the beach, dessert and forest covered mountains in one day! (Okay, maybe not one day. We recommend that you chill and enjoy each place fully but if you have limited time, you can do it all).
  7. Whale and dolphin watching is a very popular tourist attraction.
  8. Unwind on the road with good music and no schedule. Read a book, surf, sleep and watch the sunset at your own pace.

You’ve just read the 27 essential things you must know before planning your camping trip to the Canary Islands. There is tons of adventure here and still lots to be explored and experienced for the first time. If you have already booked your trip and are coming soon, then I hope you discovered some new things from reading our tips. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I will do my best to respond to everyone. If you haven’t booked your trip yet but you just wanted to learn more about camping options in the canary islands. I encourage you to come and experience it for yourself. This place truly is magical and there is so much untouched beauty to be felt. If you would like any help on planning your trip and are interested in learning more about Vans and Sands, hop on over to our home page and send me a message there. I am happy to share my knowledge, born and raised in the Canary Islands, I have over 40 years of experience.


I hate to do this to you all but I have a list of secret camping spots I only share with people once they book a trip with Vans and Sands. I’ve been asked many times and while we are one of the most popular camper van options on the islands, I still like to give my customers that extra special something. For me, nothing beats the most memorable views and scenery in the world. For that reason, I must keep it limited to those who are trusting in me to provide them the experience of a lifetime. Thank you for reading. Enjoy your trip!

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Schon einmal über die kanarische Insel Fuerteventura nachgedacht?

Und was wäre ein Surferlebnis ohne einen passendend Van? Das gehört einfach zusammen! Also hol dir deinen Van und fahr los! Park an deinem gewünschten Surfspot und wach mit dem Rauschen der Wellen auf. Nach dem Surfen gibt es nichts Schöneres als ein gutes Frühstück mit Kaffee auf dem Camping Stuhl. Wir von Vans n Sand bieten Ihnen alles, was Sie zum Kochen benötigen ohne Aufpreis.

Wenn du Surfausrüstung, Surfbrett oder sogar Surfunterricht brauchst, Ist auch dieses kein Problem. Wir stellen dir das beste Material und die besten Lehrer in Zusammenarbeit mit Star Surf in Cotillo zur Verfügung. Alle unsere Kunden erhalten 10% Rabatt auf Leihgebühren und Unterricht.

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Es wiederholt sich wahrscheinlich … aber es stimmt so! Die Kombination von Volkswagen Camper und Surfen ist einfach perfekt. Wenn Sie eine Insel wie Fuerteventura zur Gleichung hinzufügen, ist das Ergebnis eine der besten Erfahrungen, die Geld kaufen kann.

Ein bisschen über die Insel.
Fuerteventura ist eine der ältesten kanarischen Inseln. Das bedeutet, dass die Erosion die Insel viel stärker getroffen hat als die anderen, also Berge, tiefere, breitere Schluchten und mehr Riffe mit Wind und Brandung. All dies kombiniert eine einzigartige Insel, ein Paradies zum Surfen und Kitesurfen. Darüber hinaus erzeugte diese Erosion viel Sand, Kilometer und Kilometer goldene Sandstrände.
Wir, Vans and Sands, bieten die Möglichkeit, all dies zu genießen, indem wir einen Volkswagen T3-Van fahren. Das klassische Kalifornien.

Sag uns mit, was du auf Fuerteventura gerne machen würden, und wir stellen euch alles zur Verfügung, was Sie brauchen, Surfbretter, Neoprenanzüge ….

Gute wellen!

fuerteventura bulli vermietung

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Teneriffa ist ein super Inselreich nur für surfen aber für eine perfekte fahren. Die Insel hateen Varietät von klima und paisajes

Teneriffa ist eine super Insel, nicht nur zum Surfen, sondern auch um eine perfekte Zeit zu haben. Die Vielfalt von Wetter und Landschaften ermöglicht es Ihnen, bei verschiedenen Aktivitäten auf kurzer Fahrstrecke viel Spaß zu haben.
Surfen, Klettern, Kitesurfen, Kajakfahren mit den Delphinen, Schnorcheln…. Schwarze Sandstrände, Wald, trockene Wüste im Süden und sattes Grün im Norden.

Wir bei Vans and Sands bieten die Möglichkeit, Ihren Urlaub oder besser, Ihre Tage auf den Inseln zu verbringen. Da Volkswagen Camper Van und Teneriffa Hand in Hand gehen, können Sie herumfahren, fotografieren, am Meer campen, unter den Sternen schlittern und am nächsten Tag surfen.

Surfen ist nicht das einzige, was die Insel zu bieten hat. Wenn Sie das Meer lieben, kanst einen Besuch bei den Delfinen buchen, die auf einem Kajak oder SUP paddeln.

Teilen Sie uns Ihre Vorstellung von perfekten Ferien mit, und wir werden sie für dich anpassen.

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Wildes Camping auf Teneriffa und Fuerteventura (Kanarische Inseln)

Theoretisch ist es verboten ... aber! Was ist überhaupt Camping?
Für den Anfang ist das Gesetz nicht so sehr durchgesetzt wie in anderen Ländern wie Deutschland. Solange Sie keine drei Wochen an derselben Stelle verbringen, manchmal sogar so, und Sie keine Verwirrung stiften, wird niemand etwas sagen. In der Ferienzeit wie Ostern und August wird die Polizei irgendwann die Flüchtlinge zerstreuen wie die von Einheimischen gebildeten Lager, wir… Aber das ist nicht unser Problem. Wer möchte in einem Lager bleiben?

Zweite. In einem Van kampierst du so gut wie gar nicht… oder ja .. Abhängig. Sie können in Ihrem Auto grundsätzlich überall schlafen. Besondere Vorsicht ist in Nationalparks geboten. Es ist absolut verboten, Stühle oder Tische außerhalb des Transporters mitzubringen. Natürlich KEIN FEUER ÜBERALL IN DEN BERGEN. Küsten- und ruhige Gebiete können Sie damit durchkommen.

Stellen Sie in Fuerteventura sicher, dass Sie nicht die unsichtbare Linie passieren, die von den weißen Zementkegeln erzeugt wird. Behörden patrouillieren in den sensibelsten Bereichen.
Auf Teneriffa können Sie in den Teide National Park fahren und den Sonnenuntergang und danach den Sternenhimmel genießen. Keine Stühle, kein Tisch vor dem Van und KEIN FEUER!

Einige Vorschläge,

Sei sauber.

Die Inseln haben viele Feldwege. Wir erlauben und ermuntern unsere Gäste, in sie hineinzufahren und zu erforschen, dies aber langsam und respektvoll zu tun. Selbst wenn es so aussieht, als wären Sie mitten im Nirgendwo, könnte es einen Bauern, einen Angler oder eine Frau geben, die Kräuter pflücken.

Nehmen Sie das verbrannte Holzfeuer mit.

Lassen Sie Toilettenpapier nicht in der Natur. Ich weiß, es ist hart, aber Plastiktüte und Problem gelöst.

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Wild camping in Tenerife and Fuerteventura  (Canary islands

Theoretically it is prohibited….but! What is camping anyway?

For starters, the law is not very much enforced such as in other countries like Germany. As long as you don’t spend 3 weeks at the same spot, sometimes even like this, and you don’t make a mess, nobody will say anything. In holiday season such as easter and august police will sometime disperse the refugee like camps formed by locals, we… But this is not our problem. Who wants to stay in a camp?

Second.  In a van you are pretty much not camping…or yes.. Depends. You can sleep in your car basically anywhere. Special care to be taken inside National Parks. There it is absolutely not allowed to bring chairs or table outside the van. Of course NO FIRE ANYWHERE IN THE MOUNTAINS. Coastal and quiet areas you can get away with it.

In Fuerteventura make sure you don’t pass the invisible line created by the white cement cones. Authorities patrol the most sensitive areas.

In Tenerife you can drive up to Teide National Park and enjoy the sunset and after that, the starry sky. No chairs, no table outside the van and NO FIRE!

Some suggestions,

Be clean.

The islands have a lot of dirt roads. We allow and encourage our guests to drive into them and explore but doing it SLOW and RESPECTFULLY. Even when it seems your are in the middle of nowhere there might be a farmer, an angler or a lady picking herbs.

Take the bon fire remaining burnt wood with you. 

Don’t leave toilet paper in the nature. I know its hard but plastic bag and problem solved.